Your Basic Guide to Koi Fish

Koi fish is an interesting creature that keeps both first-time owners and professional breeders interested for more. If you are planning to take care of these creatures, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. To make the process easier for you, here is everything you need to know about koi fish.

When it comes to koi fish, you need to understand that it is the domesticated or cultivated version of the ordinary carp. Koi fish is known for having multiple colors depending on how they were bred. For many pet lovers, they consider koi fish for sale their pets. As you take a closer look at koi fish varieties, they are over 20 and vary in patterns, kind of scales, and colors accordingly. Koi fish basically come from Eastern Asia. You see them swimming in fresh waters. Their undeniable beauty is one of the reasons why they have become very popular and can be seen in many ponds across the world. Koi fish are not endangered species, and they are very much abundant for they are kept in personal and private aquacultures.

The average size of koi fish is about 3 feet in length. Their living conditions are a huge factor that determines their size. For the proper growth of koi fish, they need to be in a suitable temperature as well as with enough amount of oxygen and food. Their colors are varied from different combinations of red, orange, yellow, blue, white, cream, and black. They are very much beautiful with their one-of-a-kind spots. They also come in metallic and non-metallic variants.

The Japanese people associate koi fish with good fortune, love, wealth, successful career, and prosperity. Every koi fish corresponds to any of these core values.

When you compare goldfish and koi fish, both of them have the same progenitor. While you may think that the appearance of both fish is similar in some regard, you can tell a koi fish from is upper lip with barbells. In Asian culture, this fish symbolizes a wide array of virtues. Besides the traits previously mentioned to be what koi fish brings out, this fish is also associated with endurance and perseverance along with individualism and strength.

Koi fish feed on both animals and plants, making them omnivores. They can consume other types of fish. They also consume watermelon, lettuce, eggs, and peas. If you consistently feed them, they may recognize you as their feeder. It is also very much possible for them to eat from a person’s hand. In feeding koi fish, you do it at least twice. The amount of food you give your koi fish should be consumable within 5 minutes. If you feel as if they are begging, do not be tempted to overfeed them. Both poor water quality and obesity becomes the result of overfeeding them.

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